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add after/before/past options to aseag-m
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@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ B<aseag-m> I<name>
=head1 VERSION
-version 1.04
+version 0.00
@@ -147,15 +147,28 @@ B<aseag-m> lists upcoming bus departures at the ASEAG stop I<name>.
+=item B<-a>, B<--route-after>
+For each departure, show all of the line's stops after I<name> as well.
+=item B<-b>, B<--route-before>
+For each departure, show all of the line's stops before I<name> as well.
=item B<-f>, B<--full-route>
-Display complete routes (including arrival times) of all buses.
+For each departure, show all other stops serviced by the respective line.
=item B<-l>, B<--line> I<lines>
Only show departures of I<lines> (comma-separatad list, option may be
+=item B<-p>, B<--with-past>
+Also show departures in the past. Also appleas to the route information of
+B<-a> / B<-b> / B<-f>.
=item B<-V>, B<--version>
Show version information.