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README: Installation without root
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@@ -26,8 +26,8 @@ can run `efa-m --version` to verify this. Documentation is available via
[]( provides Debian
packages of both development and release versions. Note that these are not part
-of the official Debian repository and are thus not covered by its quality
-assurance process.
+of the official Debian repository and are not covered by its quality assurance
To install the latest release, run:
@@ -119,6 +119,22 @@ If you are using the Git repository, use the following commands:
sudo ./Build install
+If you do not have superuser rights or do not want to perform a system-wide
+installation, you may leave out `Build install` and use **efa-m** from the
+current working directory.
+With carton:
+carton exec efa-m --version
+Otherwise (also works with carton):
+perl -Ilocal/lib/perl5 -Ilib bin/efa-m --version
### Running efa-m via Docker
An efa-m image is available on Docker Hub. It is intended for testing purposes: