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Ignore departures which are less than I<minutes> from now.
+=item B<-O>, B<--output> I<outputtypes>
+For each result, show additional information as specified by I<outputtypes>.
+I<outputtypes> is a comma-separated list, the B<-O>/B<--output> option may
+also be repeated. Each output type has both a short and long form, for instance
+both "-Or" and "--output=route" are valid.
+The following output types are supported:
+=item a / route_after
+Show each departure's full route (timestamps and stop names) after the
+requested station.
+=item b / route_before
+Show each departure's full route (timestamps and stop names) before the
+requested station.
+=item f / fullroute
+Show each departure's full route (timestamps and stop names) before and
+after the requested station.
+=item r / route
+Show up to three stops between the requested station and the departure's
+destination. B<efa-m> tries to display the three most important stops,
+however these are heuristically determined and may not be optimal.
=item B<-p>, B<--platform> I<platforms>
Only show departures at I<platforms> (comma-separated list, option may be