AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2020-07-27marrying two checkin services really isn't trivialtraewellingDaniel Friesel-8/+42
2020-07-27Add traewelling -> travelynx checkinDaniel Friesel-13/+155
2020-07-27Traewelling login: distinguish betweet login and getuser errorsDaniel Friesel-3/+4
2020-07-19Store Traewelling account data after loginDaniel Friesel-12/+87
2020-07-19Document another traewelling workaroundDaniel Friesel-1/+1
2020-07-12traewelling todosDaniel Friesel-2/+7
2020-07-12Fix traewelling sync logDaniel Friesel-1/+1
2020-07-12traewelling: Remove testing/debug inputDaniel Friesel-4/+0
2020-07-12work around Traewelling bug. Checkin is working now \o/Daniel Friesel-4/+18
2020-07-12start traewelling integration. login & logout are working, checkins not so muchDaniel Friesel-3/+622
2020-07-11webhooks: Add a missing </div>1.16.1Daniel Friesel-0/+1
2020-06-13Start documenting the Travel APIDaniel Friesel-15/+108
2020-06-13Add Swagger API docsDaniel Friesel-0/+171
2020-04-19release Friesel-0/+18
2020-04-19commute: Re-add year headingDaniel Friesel-2/+1
2020-04-19Add CSV ExportDaniel Friesel-4/+63
2020-04-19add commuter stats to history pageDaniel Friesel-7/+14
2020-04-19commute stats: attempt to weed out non-work stations for auto-fillDaniel Friesel-0/+8
2020-04-19improve commute station heuristicDaniel Friesel-45/+16
2020-04-19use german locale in epoch_to_dt helperDaniel Friesel-1/+2
2020-04-19commute: show weekday name in journey listDaniel Friesel-1/+1
2020-04-19Commute stats: count days, not journeysDaniel Friesel-23/+26
2020-04-19get_top_destinations: order by count descDaniel Friesel-1/+1
2020-04-19add commute stats. not linked from nav yet.Daniel Friesel-2/+220
2020-04-19connections: do not show platform if it is unknownDaniel Friesel-4/+6
2020-04-16fix a typo1.15.13Daniel Friesel-1/+1
2020-04-16maintenance: backpropagate polylines to route entries using pre-1.9.4 formatDaniel Friesel-0/+14
2020-04-16Fix occasionally incorrect TripIDs (and thus incorrect polylines)1.15.12Daniel Friesel-14/+32
2020-04-16log train number when encountering a timestamp error1.15.11Daniel Friesel-1/+2
2020-04-16ignore missing timestamps when performing a force checkoutDaniel Friesel-5/+4
2020-04-14use polyline when computing monthly/yearly distance travelled1.15.10Daniel Friesel-5/+21
2020-04-14show select past departures in checkin suggestion listDaniel Friesel-5/+14
2020-04-06Switch from Travis CI to GitHub ActionsDaniel Friesel-23/+53
2020-03-14Well, that was stupid1.15.9Daniel Friesel-1/+1
2020-03-14Correctly encode non-ASCII e-mail content. Fixes spamfilter issues.1.15.8Daniel Friesel-10/+11
2020-03-13Do not hardcode From mail address1.15.7Daniel Friesel-9/+13
2020-03-03connection view: small QoS icons, order by priority1.15.6Daniel Friesel-18/+18
2020-03-03show QoS pictograms in connection list1.15.5Daniel Friesel-0/+38
2020-02-26landingpage: API also supports checkinDaniel Friesel-1/+1
2020-02-26public user status: show polyline if available1.15.4Daniel Friesel-0/+1
2020-02-25polyline sanity check: Handle border stations and incomplete IRIS routes1.15.3Daniel Friesel-4/+13
2020-02-25Ignore polylines which do not agree with IRIS route1.15.2Daniel Friesel-1/+17
2020-02-23journey details: show route on map if available1.15.1Daniel Friesel-39/+57
2020-02-23Move map data generation to a global helper functionDaniel Friesel-165/+210
2020-02-21calculate journey distance using polyline, if availableDaniel Friesel-10/+35
2020-02-20Release v1.151.15.0Daniel Friesel-0/+18
2020-02-20add _cancelled_departure templateDaniel Friesel-0/+13
2020-02-20user_status: Improve TS lookup performanceDaniel Friesel-6/+9
2020-02-19allow showing past journeys on shared status pageDaniel Friesel-87/+142
2020-02-18auto-checkout for cancelled departure: guard against destination changes1.14.10Daniel Friesel-6/+8