App-HashlHash parts of files, only leech non-duplicates from slow FTPsDaniel Friesel6 days
App-IcliIcinga Command Line InterfaceDaniel Friesel6 days
App-Raps2Password Store, take twoDaniel Friesel6 days
Travel-Routing-DE-VRRInterface to the VRR online itinerary serviceDaniel Friesel6 days
Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahnInterface to the DeutscheBahn online departure monitorDaniel Friesel6 days
Travel-Status-DE-IRISInterface to IRIS-based web departure monitorsDaniel Friesel8 hours
Travel-Status-DE-URAInterface to URA-based departure monitorsDaniel Friesel6 days
Travel-Status-DE-VRRInterface to the VRR online departure monitorDaniel Friesel6 days
caretakerDistributed dotfile and script managerDaniel Friesel6 days
comirrorGeneric webcomic mirrorerDaniel Friesel6 days
db-fakedisplayShow train departures, as seen on the displays on most main stationsDaniel Friesel8 hours
debian-utilsDebian related stuffDaniel Friesel6 days
dthumb Create static HTML thumbnail list for imagesDaniel Friesel6 days
ekgpingelectrocardiograph-like visual pingDaniel Friesel6 days
envstoreSave and restore environment variablesDaniel Friesel6 days
fehimlib2 based image viewerDaniel Friesel6 days
fuzesansa fuze related stuffDaniel Friesel6 days
hostMinimal DNS/RDNS Lookup utilityDaniel Friesel6 days
icliIcinga Command Line InterfaceDaniel Friesel6 days
iris-delay-statsCollect (and maybe aggregate) train delay dataDaniel Friesel6 days
owi-slave1-wire slave implemented on an ATtiny 2313ADaniel Friesel6 days
randsleepExecute command after sleeping for a random durationDaniel Friesel6 days
simplestoreSimple storage format for perl hashesDaniel Friesel6 days
ssh-forcecommandSimple ssh forcecommandDaniel Friesel6 days
titoolsTools related to the Texas Instruments TI-84+ calculatorDaniel Friesel6 days
visualCheap PNG widgets for the lulzDaniel Friesel6 days
vrr-fakedisplayShow bus/tram departures, LED display-styleDaniel Friesel6 days
vusb-i2cVUSB-based I2C interfaceDaniel Friesel6 days
wii-sensorsplaying around with Wiimote, MotionPlus and Balance BoardDaniel Friesel6 days
chaosdorf-admin-toolkitAdmin helpersChaosdorf6 days
dorfmapWeb-based power switch (and more) for arbitrary devicesChaosdorf6 days
screenhardstatus and more. Not for screen anymore, though.Daniel Friesel6 days
zshPersonal zsh configurationDaniel Friesel6 days