App-HashlHash parts of files, only leech non-duplicates from slow FTPsDaniel Friesel2 months
App-MFMModule-based CUI file managerDaniel Friesel3 years
App-Raps2Password Store, take twoDaniel Friesel7 months
App-SlackeriaProject status overview (up-to-date in all distros etc)Daniel Friesel7 months
Travel-Routing-DE-VRRInterface to the VRR online itinerary serviceDaniel Friesel6 weeks
Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahnInterface to the DeutscheBahn online departure monitorDaniel Friesel7 months
Travel-Status-DE-IRISInterface to IRIS-based web departure monitorsDaniel Friesel7 weeks
Travel-Status-DE-URAInterface to URA-based departure monitorsDaniel Friesel3 months
Travel-Status-DE-VRRInterface to the VRR online departure monitorDaniel Friesel7 weeks
caretakerDistributed dotfile and script managerDaniel Friesel11 days
comirrorGeneric webcomic mirrorerDaniel Friesel3 months
db-fakedisplayShow train departures, as seen on the displays on most main stationsDaniel Friesel11 days
debian-utilsDebian related stuffDaniel Friesel11 days
dorfmapClickable blinkenlight controlDaniel Friesel18 hours
dthumb Create static HTML thumbnail list for imagesDaniel Friesel20 months
ekgpingelectrocardiograph-like visual pingDaniel Friesel7 months
envstoreSave and restore environment variablesDaniel Friesel3 years
fdskipMake floppy drive head seek for various durationsDaniel Friesel3 years
fehimlib2 based image viewerDaniel Friesel4 days
fuzesansa fuze related stuffDaniel Friesel4 years
hardware-toolsLED and fan controlDaniel Friesel11 days
hostMinimal DNS/RDNS Lookup utilityDaniel Friesel11 days
icliIcinga Command Line InterfaceDaniel Friesel3 months
musicutilsVarious scripts to manage my music collectionDaniel Friesel11 days
owi-slave1-wire slave implemented on an ATtiny 2313ADaniel Friesel6 months
randsleepExecute command after sleeping for a random durationDaniel Friesel3 years
simplestoreSimple storage format for perl hashesDaniel Friesel11 days
ssh-forcecommandSimple ssh forcecommandDaniel Friesel11 days
titoolsTools related to the Texas Instruments TI-84+ calculatorDaniel Friesel4 years
visualCheap PNG widgets for the lulzDaniel Friesel11 days
vrr-fakedisplayShow bus/tram departures, LED display-styleDaniel Friesel4 months
vulnerable-webIntentionally vulnerable web sevicesDaniel Friesel10 months
vusb-i2cVUSB-based I2C interfaceDaniel Friesel5 months
wii-sensorsplaying around with Wiimote, MotionPlus and Balance BoardDaniel Friesel20 months
screenhardstatus and more. Not for screen anymore, though.Daniel Friesel10 days
zshPersonal zsh configurationDaniel Friesel2 days