BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
hrabakupdate hrabak branch to 2.5hrabak10. not yet tested / reviewedDaniel Friesel15 months
mastermenu: do not rerender all images when toggling keep_zoom_vpDaniel Friesel8 weeks
multiwpSave all filenames in ~/.fehbgDaniel Friesel3 years
2.12commit bc13f70153...Daniel Friesel5 months
2.11commit 5e8118b252...Daniel Friesel6 months
2.10commit 4b8d812d11...Daniel Friesel8 months
2.9.3commit 520c79ab53...Daniel Friesel16 months
2.9.2commit 8c199f28f0...Daniel Friesel18 months
2.9.1commit 43a7d315ae...Daniel Friesel20 months
2.9commit fc11253d85...Daniel Friesel20 months
2.8commit 75ef6f2ad7...Daniel Friesel22 months
2.7commit 4b64d3a827...Daniel Friesel2 years
2.6.3commit b928208c10...Daniel Friesel2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorLines
2014-08-28menu: do not rerender all images when toggling keep_zoom_vpHEADmasterDaniel Friesel-1/+0
2014-08-28feh(1): 'exec' is not required for .fehbgDaniel Friesel-5/+10
2014-08-28Update man pages to reflect fehbg changesDrew DeVault-1/+1
2014-08-27--(un)loadable: print progress (to stderr) when run with --verbose (closes #134)Daniel Friesel-2/+14
2014-08-27Merge branch 'verbose-to-stderr' of into nbirn...Daniel Friesel-21/+21
2014-08-27Merge branch 'SirCmpwn-master'Daniel Friesel-1/+7
2014-08-21Swap bash for shDrew DeVault-1/+1
2014-08-21Add shebang and set executable bit on ~/.fehbgDrew DeVault-1/+7
2014-08-03make all opt.verbose messages print to stderrNoah Birnel-21/+21
2014-05-30thumbnail.h: Fix a whopping two comments. derp.Daniel Friesel-3/+1