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release preparations (full-route/route in efa-m will be left out for now)
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@@ -288,11 +288,6 @@ I<type>. Supported types are B<address> and B<poi> (point of interest).
Show departures for I<date> instead of today.
May also be specified as I<>
-=item B<-f>, B<--full-route>
-Show all stops between I<city> I<name> (the requested stop) and a departure's
-destination. Arrival and departure time at each stop are displayed as well.
=item B<-L>, B<--linelist>
Do not show departures. Instead, list all lines serving the specified place.
@@ -335,7 +330,7 @@ value to disable it.
=item B<-v>, B<--via> I<station>
-Only show trains serving I<station> after the requseted I<stop>. I<station>
+Only show trains serving I<station> after the requseted stop. I<station>
is matched against the "I<city> I<stop>" fields in each line's route.
Regular expressions are also supported.