blinkencatATTiny2313 powered RGB BlinkencatDaniel Friesel8 months
blinkenrocket-documentationDocumentationBlinkenrocket6 years
blinkenrocket-firmwareFirmwareBlinkenrocket5 years
blinkenrocket-hardwareSchematics, board layout and BOMBlinkenrocket6 years
CLI Software
caretakerDistributed dotfile and script managerDaniel Friesel3 years
docker-dh-make-perlPackage perl modules for Debian in DockerDaniel Friesel19 months
ekgpingelectrocardiograph-like visual pingDaniel Friesel5 years
fehimlib2 based image viewerDaniel Friesel12 days
hostMinimal DNS/RDNS Lookup utilityDaniel Friesel7 years
mqtt-multipubpublish several MQTT messages at onceDaniel Friesel4 years
mqtt-syncdirpublish a directory tree to MQTT and vice versaEditDaniel Friesel3 years
mqtt-to-influxdbMQTT to InfluxDB gatewayDaniel Friesel4 years
randsleepExecute command after sleeping for a random durationDaniel Friesel7 years
vimPersonal vim configurationDaniel Friesel5 years
zshPersonal zsh configurationDaniel Friesel3 years
Energy Measurement
dlog-viewerViewer and Exporter for Keysight dlog FilesDaniel Friesel8 months
msp430-etvMSP430 EnergyTrace ViewerDaniel Friesel3 months
Public Transport
Travel-Routing-DE-VRRInterface to the VRR online itinerary serviceDaniel Friesel8 months
Travel-Status-DE-DBWagenreihungInterface to Deutsche Bahn Wagon Order APIDaniel Friesel11 months
Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahnInterface to Deutsche Bahn online departure monitorDaniel Friesel12 months
Travel-Status-DE-IRISInterface to IRIS-based web departure monitorsDaniel Friesel4 weeks
Travel-Status-DE-URAInterface to URA-based departure monitorsDaniel Friesel2 years
Travel-Status-DE-VRRInterface to VRR online departure monitorDaniel Friesel8 months
db-fahrzeuglexikon-parserExtract images and JSON data from DB FahrzeuglexikonDaniel Friesel10 months
db-fakedisplayApp/Infoscreen for Railway Departures in GermanyDaniel Friesel42 hours
db-zugbildung-to-jsonConvert DB train composition PDFs to JSONDaniel Friesel11 months
eva-to-efa-gwSpecial-purpose EFA frontend with EVA station ID supportDaniel Friesel5 months
geolocation-to-trainFind train by geolocation, independent of Netzradar and similar servicesDaniel Friesel8 months
nvmNahverkehrsmonitorDaniel Friesel
travelynxTraewelling-inspired journey logger with realtime dataDaniel Friesel22 hours
vrr-fakedisplayShow bus/tram departures, LED display-styleDaniel Friesel3 months
owi-slave1-wire slave implemented on an ATtiny 2313ADaniel Friesel7 years
vusb-i2cVUSB-based I2C interfaceDaniel Friesel8 months
zlib-deflate-nostdlibzlib-deflate (RFC 1950/1951) decompressor for microcontrollersDaniel Friesel10 months
App-HashlHash parts of files, only leech non-duplicates from slow FTPsDaniel Friesel2 years
App-IcliIcinga Command Line InterfaceDaniel Friesel2 years
App-Raps2Password Store, take twoDaniel Friesel8 weeks
comirrorGeneric webcomic mirrorerDaniel Friesel7 years
debian-utilsDebian related stuffDaniel Friesel7 years
dthumb Create static HTML thumbnail list for imagesDaniel Friesel8 months
envstoreSave and restore environment variablesDaniel Friesel7 years
fuzesansa fuze related stuffDaniel Friesel7 years
icliIcinga Command Line InterfaceDaniel Friesel2 years
iris-delay-statsCollect (and maybe aggregate) train delay dataDaniel Friesel6 years
is_nighttimeCheck whether it is day or nightDaniel Friesel3 years
picomonMinimal HTTP POST-based monitoring systemDaniel Friesel4 years
simplestoreSimple storage format for perl hashesDaniel Friesel7 years
ssh-forcecommandSimple ssh forcecommandDaniel Friesel7 years
titoolsTools related to the Texas Instruments TI-84+ calculatorDaniel Friesel7 years
visualCheap PNG widgets for the lulzDaniel Friesel7 years