blinkencatATTiny2313 powered RGB Blinkencatderf3 weeks
blinkenrocket-documentationDocumentationBlinkenrocket8 years
blinkenrocket-firmwareFirmwareBlinkenrocket7 years
blinkenrocket-hardwareSchematics, board layout and BOMBlinkenrocket8 years
CLI Software
caretakerDistributed dotfile and script managerderf3 months
docker-dh-make-perlPackage perl modules for Debian in Dockerderf3 years
ekgpingelectrocardiograph-like visual pingderf6 years
fehimlib2 based image viewerderf9 days
hostMinimal DNS/RDNS Lookup utilityderf8 years
mqtt-multipubpublish several MQTT messages at oncederf6 years
mqtt-syncdirpublish a directory tree to MQTT and vice versaEditderf5 years
mqtt-to-influxdbMQTT to InfluxDB gatewayderf6 years
randsleepExecute command after sleeping for a random durationderf8 years
vimPersonal vim configurationderf7 years
zshPersonal zsh configurationderf5 years
ESP8266 NodeMCU Drivers
esp8266-nodemcu-mh-z19ESP8266 Lua/NodeMCU module for MH-Z19 CO₂ sensorderf
esp8266-nodemcu-pm1006ESP8266 Lua/NodeMCU module for Vindriktning PM1006 particle monitorderf
esp8266-nodemcu-scd4xESP8266 Lua/NodeMCU module for Sensirion SCD4x CO₂ sensorderf
esp8266-nodemcu-sds011ESP8266 Lua/NodeMCU module for SDS011 particle monitorderf
esp8266-nodemcu-sen5xESP8266/NodeMCU driver for Sensirion SEN5x environmental sensorderf
esp8266-nodemcu-ssd1306ESP8266 Lua/NodeMCU framebuffer + module for SSD1306 OLEDsderf
mobile-co2-monitorMobile CO₂ monitor using an ESP8266, SCD4x, and SSD1306derf
Energy Measurement
dlog-viewerViewer and Exporter for Keysight dlog Filesderf3 weeks
korad-loggerData Logger and Controller for KAxxxxP power suppliesderf3 weeks
msp430-etvMSP430 EnergyTrace Viewerderf2 years
Public Transport
Travel-Routing-DE-VRRInterface to the VRR online itinerary servicederf
Travel-Status-DE-DBWagenreihungInterface to Deutsche Bahn Wagon Order APIderf7 months
Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahnInterface to Deutsche Bahn online departure monitorderf11 days
Travel-Status-DE-IRISInterface to IRIS-based web departure monitorsderf11 days
Travel-Status-DE-URAInterface to URA-based departure monitorsderf3 weeks
Travel-Status-DE-VRRInterface to VRR online departure monitorderf
db-fahrzeuglexikon-parserExtract images and JSON data from DB Fahrzeuglexikonderf3 years
db-fakedisplayApp/Infoscreen for Railway Departures in Germanyderf10 months
db-zugbildung-to-jsonConvert DB train composition PDFs to JSONderf3 years
eva-to-efa-gwSpecial-purpose EFA frontend with EVA station ID supportderf20 months
geolocation-to-trainFind train by geolocation, independent of Netzradar and similar servicesderf2 years
travelynxTraewelling-inspired journey logger with realtime dataderf3 weeks
vrr-fakedisplayShow bus/tram departures, LED display-stylederf2 years
owi-slave1-wire slave implemented on an ATtiny 2313Aderf8 years
vusb-i2cVUSB-based I2C interfacederf2 years
zlib-deflate-nostdlibzlib-deflate (RFC 1950/1951) decompressor for microcontrollersderf3 months
App-HashlHash parts of files, only leech non-duplicates from slow FTPsderf4 years
App-IcliIcinga Command Line Interfacederf4 years
App-Raps2Password Store, take twoderf24 months
comirrorGeneric webcomic mirrorerderf8 years
debian-utilsDebian related stuffderf8 years
dthumb Create static HTML thumbnail list for imagesderf2 years
envstoreSave and restore environment variablesderf8 years
fuzesansa fuze related stuffderf8 years