BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainAdd work/sleep query option and state tracking variableDaniel Friesel6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorLines
2022-05-29Add work/sleep query option and state tracking variablemainDaniel Friesel-18/+52
2022-05-21document report mode query; save queried report mode in sds011 tableDaniel Friesel-6/+13
2022-05-21allow reading report mode; add query commandDaniel Friesel-6/+34
2022-05-18add support for reading the work period from the sensorDaniel Friesel-20/+44
2022-05-15Add a simplecaseDaniel Friesel-0/+21
2022-05-15Add InfluxDB supportDaniel Friesel-21/+51
2022-04-30make device ID part of device nameDaniel Friesel-1/+1
2022-04-30always restart unless connected successfullyDaniel Friesel-2/+4
2022-04-30use hexadecimal chipidDaniel Friesel-2/+1
2022-04-20set object_id; use device_class instead of custom icon for sensorsDaniel Friesel-4/+5