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committerDaniel Friesel <>2015-05-27 08:35:32 +0200
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return a delay of undef when no delay information is available
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diff --git a/t/20-vrr.t b/t/20-vrr.t
index cc710f2..66f2fe6 100644
--- a/t/20-vrr.t
+++ b/t/20-vrr.t
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ is($results[3]->info, decode('UTF-8', 'Ab (H) Hei├čen Kirche, Umstieg in den SEV
is($results[3]->line, '18', 'fourth result: line ok');
is($results[3]->date, '16.11.2011', 'fourth result: real date ok');
is($results[3]->time, '09:39', 'fourth result: real time ok');
-is($results[3]->delay, 0, 'fourth result: delay 0');
+is($results[3]->delay, undef, 'fourth result: delay undef');
is($results[3]->sched_date, '16.11.2011', 'fourth result: scheduled date ok');
is($results[3]->sched_time, '09:39', 'fourth result: scheduled time ok');
#is($results[3]->platform, '2', 'fourth result: platform ok');