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feh(1): Add some options from feh -h
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@@ -157,6 +157,9 @@ Draw the filename at the top-left of the image
For slideshow mode, specifies time delay (seconds, can be a decimal) between automatically
changing slides. Great for presentations.
.TP 5
+.B --cycle-once
+Exit feh after one loop through the slideshow
+.TP 5
.B -R, --reload NUM
Use this option to tell
.B feh
@@ -168,10 +171,16 @@ When viewing files using HTTP, feh normally deletes the local copies after
viewing, or, if caching, on exit. This option prevents this so that you
get to keep the local copies. They will be in /tmp with "feh" in the name.
.TP 5
+.B -j, --output-dir DIR
+Save files to DIR (only useful with \-k)
+.TP 5
.B -Q, --builtin
Use builtin http client to grab remote files instead of wget, useful if you
don't have wget installed.
.TP 5
+.B -G, --wget-timestamp
+Don't add a timestamp ("?1234") to URLs when (re)loading them
+.TP 5
.B --caption-path PATH
Path to directory containing image captions. This turns on caption viewing, and
if captions are found in PATH, which is relative to the directory of each
@@ -284,6 +293,9 @@ Don't load or show any menus.
Use STYLE as background for transparent image parts and the like.
Accepted values: white, black, default.
.TP 5
+.B --title TITLE
+Use TITLE as window title in slideshow mode.
+.TP 5
.B -1, --next-button B
Use button B to advance to the next image in slideshow
mode (defaults to 1, usually the left button).