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feh(1): themes config syntax: mention details about quoting and filename generation
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@@ -997,10 +997,17 @@ is the name of the entry and
.Ar options
are the options which will be applied when the theme is used.
+Note that the options are not parsed by any shell. Therefore, filename expansion
+.Qq *.jpg
+and similar
+is not supported. Quoting with both single and double quotes works, though.
An example entry would be
-.Qq imagemap -rVq --thumb-width 40 --thumb-height 30 .
+.Qq imagemap -rVq --thumb-width 40 --thumb-height 30 --index-info \&'%n\en\&%wx\&%h\&' .
@@ -1008,10 +1015,11 @@ You can use this theme in two ways. Either call
-Timagemap *.jpg
+.Qc ,
or create a symbolic link to
-with the name of the theme you want it to use. So from the example above:
+with the name of the theme you want it to use. For the example above,
+this would be
ln -s `which
@@ -1024,11 +1032,11 @@ to use these options.
Note that you can split a theme over several lines by placing a backslash at
-the end of a line, like in the shell.
+the end of an unfinished line.
-You can combine these themes with commandline options.
+Command line options always override theme options.