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Document ~/.fehbg a bit more precisely
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@@ -962,14 +962,17 @@ Unless you pass the
option, it will write a script to set the current background to
.Pa ~/.fehbg .
So to have your background restored every time you start X, you can add
-.Qq sh ~/.fehbg &
+.Qq ~/.fehbg &
to your X startup script
.Pq such as Pa ~/.xinitrc .
-As of
+Note that
+.Pq unless the wallpaper is set via the menu
-2.13, this script is executable, so
-.Qq ~/.fehbg &
-will work as well.
+saves the files and directories it was passed on the commandline, not the
+files which actually ended up as wallpaper.
+So, if you have randomization enabled,
+.Pa ~/.fehbg
+may set different wallpapers on each execution.