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feh(1): Update giflib notes
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-On systems with Imlib2 >= 1.4.7 and giflib >= 5.1.2,
+On systems with giflib 5.1.2,
may be unable to load gif images. For affected mips, mipsel and arm devices,
gif support is completely broken, while on x86 / x86_64 gifs can usually
only be loaded if they are the first image in the filelist.
-This appears to be an Imlib2 and/or giflib bug introduced in giflib 5.1.2.
+This appears to be a bug in giflib,
for details. Workaround: Use
.Cm --magick-timeout 5
.Pq or some other positive value
-to load gifs with imagemagick instead, or downgrade giflib to 5.1.1.
+to load gifs with imagemagick instead, or downgrade to giflib 5.1.1, or
+upgrade to giflib 5.1.4.