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add manpage entry for HTTP cache
It's called conversion-cache for now, as it will also be used for ImageMagick/dcraw-sourced images in the future. This should also help avoid confusion between HTTP/ImageMagick/dcraw cache (files on disk), Imlib2 cache (images in memory), and thumbnail cache.
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@@ -578,6 +578,19 @@ Disable slideshow mode.
With this setting, instead of opening multiple files in slideshow mode,
multiple windows will be opened; one per file.
+.It Cm --no-conversion-cache
+When loading images via HTTP, ImageMagick or dcraw,
+will only load/convert them once and re-use the cached file on subsequent
+slideshow passes.
+This option disables the cache. It is also disabled when
+.Cm --reload
+is used.
+Use it if you rely on frequently changing files loaded via one of these
+Note that it will impair performance.
.It Cm --no-jump-on-resort
Don't jump to the first image after resorting the filelist.