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re-add --auto-reload to manual
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diff --git a/man/feh.pre b/man/feh.pre
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ $VERSION$
Compile-time switches: libcurl support $MAN_CURL$, natural sorting support
$MAN_VERSCMP$, Xinerama support
-$MAN_XINERAMA$, builtin EXIF support $MAN_EXIF$, inotify support
+$MAN_XINERAMA$, builtin EXIF support $MAN_EXIF$, inotify-based auto-reload
@@ -209,6 +209,18 @@ Example usage:
Extra actions which can be set and triggered using the appropriate number key.
+.It Cm --auto-reload
+.Pq optional feature, $MAN_INOTIFY$ in this build
+automatically reload image when the underlying file changes. Note that this
+.Pq if present in the build
+is enabled by default.
+This option is only useful to re-enable auto-reload after it has been
+disabled by a preceding
+.Cm --reload=0
.It Cm --auto-rotate
.Pq optional feature, $MAN_EXIF$ in this build
@@ -644,6 +656,7 @@ Reload filelist and current image after
Useful for viewing HTTP webcams or frequently changing directories.
.Pq Note that filelist reloading is still experimental.
+Set to zero to disable any kind of automatic reloading.
@@ -654,6 +667,10 @@ However, if an image still exists, but can no longer be loaded,
will continue to try loading it.
+Setting this option causes inotify-based auto-reload to be disabled.
.It Cm -n , --reverse
Reverse the sort order.