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feh(1): move --xinerama-index to background setting section, extend description
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@@ -470,13 +470,6 @@ managers.
Disable Xinerama support. Only makes sense when you have Xinerama support
compiled in.
-.It Cm --xinerama-index
-Force Xinerama screen index to use. Only makes sense when you have
-Xinerama support compiled in and using
-as a background setter.
.It Cm -j , --output-dir Ar directory
Save files to
@@ -871,6 +864,21 @@ Do not write a
.Pa ~/.fehbg
+.It Cm --xinerama-index Ar screen
+When used with any option other than
+.Cm --bg-tile :
+Only set wallpaper on
+.Ar screen .
+All other screens will be filled black/white.
+This is most useful in a Xinerama configuration with overlapping screens.
+For instance, assume you have two overlapping displays (index 0 and 1), where
+index 0 is smaller. To center a background on the display with index 0 and
+fill the extra space on index 1 black/white, use
+.Qq --xinerama-index 0
+when setting the wallpaper.