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Obscure other mail addresses in AUTHORS as well.
Not sure if it protects against many spambots. Can't hurt, anyways.
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Principle author.
-Tom Gilbert (gilbrit, giblet, grubby) <>
+Tom Gilbert (gilbrit, giblet, grubby) <gilbertt (at)>
-Paul Duncan (pabs) <>
+Paul Duncan (pabs) - pabs (at) pablotron (dot) org
- cam, wget fixups, mouse-button swapping options, rotation,
xinerama support, menu backgrounds, and more.
-Richard Lowe (richlowe) <>
+Richard Lowe (richlowe) - richlowe (at) btinternet (dot) com
- background setting code, thumbnail patches.
-Benjamin Elijah Griffin <>
+Benjamin Elijah Griffin bgriffin (at) cddb (dot) com
- made builtin http work.
-Mrinal Kalakrishnan <>
+Mrinal Kalakrishnan - mrinal (at) india (dot) com
- auto-zoom mode.
-Phil Morris (marmot) <>
+Phil Morris (marmot) - marmot (at) vennercs (dot) com
- about.png.
Carlos Puchol - cpg (at) puchol (dot) com
- fix for nonstandard imlib2 locations.
-Eric Dorland <>
+Eric Dorland - dorland (at) lords (dot) com
- the --title option.
-Omar Harriott <>
+Omar Harriott - omar.harriott (at) csun (dot) edu
- fix filelist handling for filenames with spaces.
-Panagiotis Issaris <>
+Panagiotis Issaris - takis.issaris (at) skynet (dot) be
- keypad buttonpresses
-Jon Bernard <>
+Jon Bernard - jbernard (at) roanoke (dot) edu
- xinerama bugfix
-Maciej Kalisiak <>
+Maciej Kalisiak - mac (at) dgp (dot) toronto (dot) edu
- large image/zoom bugfix
-Claes Nasten <>
+Claes Nasten - pekdon (at) pekdon (dot) net
- Thumbnail caching, fixes
-JC <>
+JC - jcm314 (at) yahoo (dot) com
- multiple --action* options
-Ulrich Spoerlein <>
+Ulrich Spoerlein - q (at) uni (dot) de
- fullscreen image count display
Yu-Jie Lin
@@ -50,17 +50,21 @@ Yu-Jie Lin
Dennis Real
- patch for builtin exif support (exif=1)
-Daniel Friesel <>
+Daniel Friesel - derf (at) finalrewind (dot) org
- Maintenance since 2010
Thanks to:
-Michael Jennings <>
+Michael Jennings - mej (at) eterm (dot) org
- Makefile Fixes, moral support
-Alistair Sutton <>
+Alistair Sutton - metallica (at) freenet (dot) co (dot) uk
- rpm spec file for redhat.
-Laurence J. Lane <>
+Laurence J. Lane - ljlane (at) debian (dot) org
- debian assimilation.
-The Rasterman <>
+The Rasterman - raster (at) rasterman (dot) com
- Imlib2, initial zooming code example. Enlightenment.
Stephen Levine
- Great help debugging under E17