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Add option and keybinding to keep zoom and viewport settings.
Patch by sdaau on IRC. Thanks!
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@@ -375,6 +375,11 @@ with
.Qq Nm
in the name.
+.It Cm --keep-zoom-vp
+When switching images, keep zoom and viewport settings
+.Pq zoom level and X, Y offsets
.It Cm -l , --list
Don't display images. Analyze them and display an
@@ -1048,16 +1053,16 @@ and save the caption, or escape to cancel editing. Note that you can insert
an actual newline into the caption using
.Aq CTRL+return .
-.It e Bq toggle_exif
-.Pq only if compiled with exif=1
-Toggle EXIF tag display
.It d Bq toggle_filenames
Toggle filename display
.Pq see Cm --draw-filename
+.It e Bq toggle_exif
+.Pq only if compiled with exif=1
+Toggle EXIF tag display
.It f Bq save_filelist
Save the current filelist as
@@ -1074,6 +1079,12 @@ change slides based on
Toggle info display
.Pq see Cm --info
+.It k Bq toggle_keep_vp
+Toggle zoom and viewport keeping. When enabled,
+will keep zoom and X, Y offset when switching images.
.It m Bq toggle_menu
Show menu. Use the arrow keys and return to select items,