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-See also: <>
-key/option/signal/timeout to totally reload filelist (rescan directories etc)
-<keypad begin> antialieses the image, but doing that automatically upon
-key release would be better. However, I couldn't find a way to do that so far.
-Even when holding down a key, everytime the eventloop runs I get a
-KeyRelease event.
---thumb-title covers a very specific case, would be cool to make this more
-general (usable in index mode, as image info in thumbnail mode, etc.)
---reload-button might be useless (wtf is button 0)
-Control thumbnail mode (image selection, mainly) with keys.
-Xinerama doesn't really work when not on screen 0.
-On screen 1, it will work if fullscreen is turned off, the window is rendered
-and moved so that its top corner is only on screen 1, and then fullscreen is
-turned on (after that, it'll work for all images in the slideshow).
-Maybe I'll someday find out how to fix that :>
-The thumbnail mode draws an image which has to be re-rendered as new
-thumbnails are created, becoming quite slow for large filelists.
-A workaround (--thumb-redraw) exists, but at some point a rewrite with a
-GUI-toolkit or similar (or maybe writing a completely new tool for that and
-removing the feature from feh) would be due.
-Saving the filelist from thumbnail mode is not possible. I wonder if this
-matters enough to be fixed. %u is borked there for the same reason.
-Maybe: Zoom mode like --bg-fill?
-Maybe remove some unneccessary stuff?
- * Builtin HTTP client
- * Support for custom menu backgrounds/themes
- * output-dir (cd $dir; feh is good enough)
+Please see <>