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@@ -6,15 +6,6 @@ $ su -c "make install"
(Red hat users, use $ ./configure --prefix=/usr)
-Run the test scripts in the src directory to see it in action.
-### Note ###
-If your imlib2 / your system uses libjpeg 6.2, use this feh.
-If they are built against libjpeg8, use feh from the 'jpeg8' branch
-(which currently does not work, but will hopefully be fixed soonish)
What is feh?
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@@ -27,3 +27,9 @@ Control thumbnail mode (image selection, mainly) with keys.
Xinerama support is present, but far from perfect.
Some day I will debug that, I guess.
+Lossless rotation is horribly broken. The code was copied from libjpeg6b
+and does not work with libjpeg8. However, it _has_ to be copied because
+the rotation functions are not available externally.
+Executing the jpegtran binary from inside feh is probably the best way
+to "fix" this...
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@@ -672,6 +672,9 @@ When the files (or even the directory) feh is displaying is deleted by an
external application while feh is running, trying to change or resize the
current image may cause segmentation faults.
+Lossless rotation is a horrible mess. With libjpeg6b it works, with
+libjpeg8 it doesn't. Bugfix in progress.
There are probably other bugs, too. If you find one, let me know :)
Copyright Tom Gilbert (and various contributors), 1999, 2000