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+ * Running "feh --start-at .../file.jpg" without specifying images,
+ directories or filelists to load is now equivalent to running
+ "feh --start-at .../file.jpg $(dirname .../file.jpg)". This way, it is
+ possible to view a specific file and browse all other files in the
+ corresponding directory. This is especially useful when starting feh
+ from file managers.
+ * Introduce fuzzy matching in --start-at: If the specified path is not
+ found in the file list, feh now resorts to comparing basenames (i.e.,
+ file names without the directory components). This allows calls
+ like "feh --start-at cat.jpg ~/Pictures", which led to a file not found
+ error in previous versions.
+ * Respect -j / --output-dir when using save_image or save_filelist actions.
Fri, 09 Nov 2018 17:17:15 +0100 Daniel Friesel <>
* Release v3.0