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+Cam 0.4 README
+This document was last updated on 20010223-1620-PST.
+Please see the file COPYING for licensing information.
+Cam is a Perl wrapper for feh that simlifies viewing webcams. Cam uses
+keyed bookmarks. Type "cam --help" at the command line for usage
+Webcam Information
+All webcam images are the property of their respective owners. If you
+enjoy the cam, you should check out the page too! The initial list of
+cam bookmarks (in the cam_bookmarks file) is a combination of webcams
+scoured from the #E People Page (,
+my favorite webcams from the Stile Project's cam pages
+(, and additional #e people cams that
+have come online since cam's original release (0.1).
+- Copy the "cam" script to a location in your PATH (ex /usr/bin,
+ /usr/local/bin, or $HOME/bin), and make sure hte execute bit on the
+ script is set (type "chmod a+x $HOME/.cam_bookmarks").
+- Copy the "cam_bookmarks" file to $HOME/.cam_bookmarks and make sure
+ cam can see it by typing "cam --list".
+- Optionally, modify the options inside the cam script. You can pass
+ feh any options before the image by adjusting the $PRE variable,
+ and any options after the image by adjustin the $POST variable.
+ For example, I like to keep all cam images by default; you can enable
+ this behavior with the -k command line option, or enable it permanently
+ by adding it to the $PRE flags in cam.
+About the Authors
+Paul Duncan <>, pabs on #e
+Richard Lowe <>, richlowe on #e
+...but the real credit goes to Tom Gilbert for making feh, an awesome
+image viewer. :)