AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2011-11-02Release v1.01.00Daniel Friesel-5/+5
2011-11-02Fix handling of zero-length files (closes #1)Daniel Friesel-0/+6
2011-07-02hashl(1): Update SYNOPSISDaniel Friesel-1/+1
2011-06-13Add "hashl list <regex>" to filter listed files by nameDaniel Friesel-2/+16
2011-05-25App/ Fix typo in PODDaniel Friesel-1/+1
2011-05-23Release v0.20.2Daniel Friesel-8/+8
2011-05-23Documentation / Build.PL updatesDaniel Friesel-2/+5
2011-05-23Add hashl -f update (update with unignore)Daniel Friesel-10/+36
2011-05-21App/Hashl: Add unignore function (not yet used in hashl itself)Daniel Friesel-1/+26
2011-05-20App::Hashl(3pm): Clarify return valuesDaniel Friesel-8/+15
2011-05-20Code cleanupDaniel Friesel-259/+303
2011-05-19hashl update: Save db when being interrupted, increase autosave intervalDaniel Friesel-2/+12
2011-05-18Remove integration test for now (was a stub, anyways)Daniel Friesel-25/+0
2011-05-18Add test for recent add_file fixDaniel Friesel-1/+8
2011-05-18If ignored files are still present, do not re-add them while updatingDaniel Friesel-10/+17
2011-05-18Fix progress message + hashl ignoreDaniel Friesel-2/+2
2011-05-18Remove autodie remainsDaniel Friesel-4/+0
2011-05-18Fix progress message ("Scanning directory" instead of misleading "Updating")Daniel Friesel-1/+1
2011-05-18App::Hashl test: Verify that partial hashing actually worksDaniel Friesel-1/+14
2011-05-18Remove needlessly large test filesDaniel Friesel-0/+0
2011-05-18Do not use autodie. Not counting disk IO, this increases performance by ~25%Daniel Friesel-9/+12
2011-05-18App/Hashl: files: Do not return sortedDaniel Friesel-4/+4
2011-05-18Increase Test CoverageDaniel Friesel-1/+14
2011-05-18App/Hashl: add_file: Use the absolute path were neededDaniel Friesel-1/+1
2011-05-18Fix typo in documentationDaniel Friesel-1/+1
2011-05-18App::Hashl documentationDaniel Friesel-26/+141
2011-05-18Fix hashl ignoreDaniel Friesel-4/+4
2011-05-18Fix hashl info <file>Daniel Friesel-3/+8
2011-05-18db_ignore: $hashl->ignore removes a file from the db, no need to check for thatDaniel Friesel-4/+0
2011-05-17Further testsDaniel Friesel-4/+41
2011-05-17Begin work on App::Hashl testsDaniel Friesel-1/+31
2011-05-17Improve $hashl->add_fileDaniel Friesel-11/+37
2011-05-17Initial switch to App::HashlDaniel Friesel-93/+194
2011-05-11Update gitignoreDaniel Friesel-2/+8
2011-05-09Build.PL: Add Test::Command to build_requiresDaniel Friesel-0/+1
2011-05-06Release v0.10.1Daniel Friesel-14/+29
2011-05-06More documentation fixesDaniel Friesel-5/+5
2011-05-06hashl(1): Fix leeching exampleDaniel Friesel-2/+1
2011-05-06Add COPYING & ChangelogDaniel Friesel-0/+10
2011-04-27Add some initial testsDaniel Friesel-0/+27
2011-04-27hashl: Fix usage ('man hashl', not 'man /usr/local/bin/hashl')Daniel Friesel-1/+1
2011-04-25hashl list: Make size field longer (may be 1023.0k and such)Daniel Friesel-2/+2
2011-04-25hashl: Remove deleted files from DB in update runDaniel Friesel-0/+1
2011-03-04hashl: Set autoflush on correct filehandle (stderr)Daniel Friesel-1/+1
2011-01-15hashl(1): Fix -s documentation (it is KiB, not B)Daniel Friesel-1/+1
2011-01-09Update documentationDaniel Friesel-1/+10
2011-01-09Use si_size in more placesDaniel Friesel-8/+9
2011-01-09hashl list: Print filesizeDaniel Friesel-1/+16
2011-01-07Add hashl list-filesDaniel Friesel-0/+5
2011-01-06Add 'hashl find-known'Daniel Friesel-0/+27