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@@ -1526,6 +1526,16 @@ Schedule a forced, immediate recheck
+=item B<--api1> I<apiroot>
+Set Icinga 1.x (Classic UI) JSON API root to I<apiroot>. I<apiroot> must be the root
+of Icinga's CGI directory. For instance, if your tactical overview has the
+URL C<< >>,
+you need to set I<apiroot> to C<< >>.
+Please refer to the L</"JSON API"> section in this manual for more information
+about this API.
=item B<-c>|B<--config> I<config>
Read config from I<file>
@@ -1570,6 +1580,11 @@ By default (or when used with C<< -ls >>) the number of all hosts and services
When used with C<< -lh >>, lists all hosts with the number of ok / warning /
... checks on each host.
+=item B<--realm> I<realm>
+Set HTTP Basic Auth realm to I<realm>. Defaults to C<< Icinga Access >>. Only
+useful when combined with a JSON or XML API.
=item B<-U>|B<--as-contact> I<name>
Only operate on service visible to I<name>.