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allow build-time specification of icinga paths
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* Test::Pod
* Test::Command
+Note: To work with an Icinga installation, icli needs to know the path to
+three files:
+* objects.cache (icinga.cfg object_cache_file)
+* status.dat (icinga.cfg status_file)
+* icinga.cmd (icinga.cfg command_file)
+If you are building interactively and the default values for these paths
+do not exist, you will be asked for them -- hit return to keep the default.
+In a non-interactive build, the defaults will be used (unless changed using
+an option, see below).
+If you need to set them regardless of the build host, do not wish to be
+promited at all, or are using a non-interactive build process (perhaps even
+for a whole distribution), you can set them using the following options:
+> perl Build.PL --icli-object-file=.../objects.cache \
+ --icli-status-file=.../status.dat \
+ --icli-command-file=.../icinga.cmd