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efa-m: document recently added options
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@@ -377,11 +377,25 @@ I<type>. Supported types are B<address> and B<poi> (point of interest).
+=item B<-A>, B<--auto-url>, B<--discover-and-print>
+Probe all known EFA entry points for the specified stop. Print the first
+result which was not an error.
+Note that this may take a while and will not necessarily return the best
+result. Also, using thi option by default is not recommended, as it puts EFA
+services under considerable additional load.
=item B<-d>, B<--date> I<>
Show departures for I<date> instead of today.
May also be specified as I<>
+=item B<-D>, B<--discover>
+Probe all known EFA entry points for the specified stop. Print the URLs and
+names of all entry points which did not return an error.
=item B<-L>, B<--linelist>
Do not show departures. Instead, list all lines serving the specified place.
@@ -394,6 +408,11 @@ using B<--date> and B<--time> are guaranteed to be included.
Only show departures of I<lines> (comma-separatad list, option may be
+=item B<--list>
+List supported EFA services wit their URLs (see B<-u>) and abbreviations (see
=item B<-m>, B<--mot> I<motlist>
Only show departures whose type appears in I<motlist> (comma-separated list,
@@ -452,15 +471,21 @@ Show relative departure times in minutes (i.e. the time difference between
the departure and the time of the request). In this case, realtime data is
already included.
+=item B<-s>, B<--service> I<name>
+Short name of the EFA entry point. See Travel::Status::DE::EFA(3pm) and the
+B<-l> option for a list of services.
=item B<-t>, B<--time> I<hh:mm>
Show departures starting at I<time> instead of now.
=item B<-u>, B<--efa-url> I<url>
-URL to the EFA entry point, defaults to L<>.
-Depending on your location, some I<url>s may contain more specific data
-than others. See Travel::Status::DE::EFA(3pm) for alternatives.
+URL to the EFA entry point, defaults to
+L<>. Depending on your location, some
+I<url>s may contain more specific data than others. See
+Travel::Status::DE::EFA(3pm) and the B<-l> option for alternatives.
=item B<--timeout> I<seconds>