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8 daysrelease assetsDaniel Friesel-2/+2
2022-02-05about page: update copyright year4.9.0Daniel Friesel-1/+1
2022-02-05about page: add Fahrzeuglexikon referenceDaniel Friesel-7/+2
2022-01-09bump asset version4.8.2Daniel Friesel-2/+2
2022-01-09realtime delay: use "+X ⇒ HH:MM" instead of "(+X) HH:MM"Daniel Friesel-2/+2
2022-01-09show delays of planned departures without bracketsDaniel Friesel-2/+2
2021-11-28remove 'more details' link from train detail viewDaniel Friesel-5/+0
2021-10-28remove geotrain feature (i.e., search trains, not stations, in the vicinity)Daniel Friesel-9/+0
2021-09-12Update station autocomplete list for T-S-DE-IRIS 1.60Daniel Friesel-2/+2
2021-08-31Add past optionDaniel Friesel-2/+10
2021-08-15fix hidelowdelay when combined with show_realtime4.6.1Daniel Friesel-4/+4
2021-08-14bump asset version4.6.0Daniel Friesel-2/+2
2021-08-14multi: add a deprecation warningDaniel Friesel-0/+6
2021-08-14app: Remove redundant autostop and less useful autotrain linksDaniel Friesel-9/+0
2021-08-14app: re-order extended configuration fields by perceived importanceDaniel Friesel-29/+29
2021-08-14single template: add deprecation warningDaniel Friesel-0/+6
2021-08-14Make _autotrain less visible than _autostopDaniel Friesel-1/+2
2021-07-30do not mis-use aria-label; use aria-hidden and CSS content clipping insteadDaniel Friesel-17/+21
2021-07-30Allow train detail page to be opened in a new tab via middle-clickDaniel Friesel-2/+4
2021-07-29bump asset version4.5.1Daniel Friesel-2/+2
2021-07-26train details/route: indicate whether a stop is past or future4.5.0Daniel Friesel-3/+3
2021-07-18bump asset versionDaniel Friesel-2/+2
2021-07-18train details: more detailed hint for missing realtime dataDaniel Friesel-6/+11
2021-07-18show mising realtime data in departure overview as wellDaniel Friesel-0/+3
2021-07-18train_details: Do not show expected utilization for cancelled trainsDaniel Friesel-11/+13
2021-07-18departure view: use IRIS to decide whether realtime is missingDaniel Friesel-4/+4
2021-07-18fahrtverlauf: show missing realtime at requested stop as wellDaniel Friesel-0/+3
2021-07-18show warning if realtime data is missingDaniel Friesel-0/+6
2021-07-17train details: annotate possibly bogus (schedule-only) timesDaniel Friesel-2/+10
2021-07-04map: decrease stop circle size when stops are close together4.2.1Daniel Friesel-1/+1
2021-07-02Note that dbf is limited to DB lines when encountering no resultsDaniel Friesel-4/+4
2021-06-20Update station autocompletion for T-S-DE-IRIS v1.56Daniel Friesel-2/+2
2021-05-30rebuild assetsDaniel Friesel-2/+2
2021-05-30departure list: show delay next to timeDaniel Friesel-32/+30
2021-05-30remove no longer used "cancelled" class on departure elementsDaniel Friesel-6/+4
2021-04-06Remove support for RIS/HAFAS backendDaniel Friesel-10/+0
2021-04-04geostop, geotrain: handle network errors3.12.2Daniel Friesel-2/+2
2021-04-02geotrain: link to blog post3.12.0Daniel Friesel-1/+1
2021-04-02add geotrain links to menu / landing pageDaniel Friesel-6/+12
2021-04-02geotrain: show likelihood, distinguish between no track / no trains3.11.2Daniel Friesel-3/+3
2021-03-31about: reference / hafas-rest-api depending on configDaniel Friesel-1/+6
2021-03-29add train search (beta, not linked yet)3.11.1Daniel Friesel-11/+16
2021-03-27about: update; add VRR EFADaniel Friesel-4/+3
2021-03-27v3.113.11.0Daniel Friesel-2/+2
2021-03-27request EFA occupancy data (works for some VRR trains)Daniel Friesel-0/+6
2021-03-21landing page: accept both train numbers and station namesDaniel Friesel-8/+8
2021-03-21stationboard: add anchors to individual trainsDaniel Friesel-2/+3
2021-03-21add preliminary support for station-independent train detailsDaniel Friesel-13/+20
2021-03-20warn about upcoming backend=ris deactivation3.10.11Daniel Friesel-0/+10
2021-03-20train_details: do not pass unused data to viewDaniel Friesel-3/+0