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man/feh.1: Various fixes. Completely reviewed now.
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@@ -25,5 +25,3 @@ turned on (after that, it'll work for all images in the slideshow).
Maybe I'll someday find out how to fix that :>
Make --start-at work with paths as well
-Document new zoom behaviour
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@@ -86,8 +86,8 @@ not mutually exclusive, the first controls informational messages, the second
only errors.
.It Cm -T , --theme Ar theme
Load options from config file with name
-.Ar theme -
+.Ar theme
+- see
for more info. Note that options from the theme file always override
commandline options.
@@ -98,13 +98,12 @@ to parse themes and options from, instead of the default
.Pa ~/.fehrc , /etc/fehrc
.It Cm -r , --recursive
-Recursively expand any directories in
+Recursively expand any directories in the commandline arguments
to the content of those directories, all the way down to the bottom level.
.It Cm --no-jump-on-resort
Don't jump to the first image after resorting the filelist.
.It Cm -z , --randomize
-When viewing multiple files in a slideshow, randomise the file list before
+When viewing multiple files in a slideshow, randomize the file list before
.It Cm -f , --filelist Ar file
This option is similar to the playlists used by music software. If
@@ -150,7 +149,7 @@ Zoom pictures to screen size in fullscreen
.It Cm --zoom Ar percent
Zoom images by
.Ar percent
-when in full screen mode or when window geometry is fixed. If combined with
+when in full screen mode or when window geometry is fixed. When combined with
.Cm --auto-zoom ,
zooming will be limited to the specified
.Ar percent .
@@ -218,7 +217,7 @@ for list output. See
Don't display images. Just print out their names if imlib2 can successfully
load them.
.It Cm -u , --unloadable
-Don't display images. Just print out their name if imlib2 can NOT
+Don't display images. Just print out their names if imlib2 can NOT
successfully load them.
.It Cm -S , --sort Ar sort_type
The file list may be sorted according to image parameters. Allowed sort
@@ -289,7 +288,7 @@ can use enlightenment IPC if you are running it, or it will fall back to X
stores the commandline necessary to restore the background in
-.Pa ~/.fehbg
+.Pa ~/.fehbg .
So to have your background restored when you restart X, add the line
.Qq `cat ~/.fehbg`
to your X startup script
@@ -399,8 +398,9 @@ This will prevent any empty space in the final montage.
.It Cm -s , --stretch
Normally, if an image is smaller than the specified thumbnail size, it will
not be enlarged. If this option is set, the image will be scaled up to fit
-the thumnail size.
-.Qq Aspact ratio will be maintained unles Cm --ignore-aspect is specified .
+the thumnail size. Aspect ratio will be maintained unles
+.Cm --ignore-aspect
+is specified.
.It Cm -y , --thumb-width Ar pixels
Set thumbnail width.
.It Cm -E , --thumb-height Ar pixels
@@ -558,7 +558,7 @@ Save the current image to a unique filename
.It f , F
Save the current filelist to a unique filename
.It < , >
-In place editing - rotate the images 90 degrees left/right.
+In place editing - rotate the images 90 degrees (counter)clockwise.
The rotation is lossless, but may create artifacts in some image corners when
used with JPEG images. Rotating in the reverse direction will make them go
away. See
@@ -569,15 +569,15 @@ Show first image
.It Aq end
Show last image
.It Aq page up
-Go forward ~5% through the filelist
+Go forward ~5% of the filelist
.It Aq page down
-Go backward ~5% through the filelist
+Go backward ~5% of the filelist
.It Aq escape
Quit the slideshow
.It + , =
-Increase reload delau
+Increase reload delay
.It - , _
-Decrease reload delau
+Decrease reload delay
.It Aq delete
Remove current file from filelist
.It Aq CTRL+delete
@@ -595,7 +595,7 @@ Move the image up
.It Aq keypad down
Move the image down
.It Aq keypad begin
-Antialias the image.
+Antialias the image
.It Aq keypad +
Zoom in
.It Aq keypad -
@@ -649,7 +649,7 @@ Create a montage from the images in ./landscapes and all directories below it.
Limit the width of the image to 400 and make the thumbnails 30x20, ignoring
aspect ratio
.It feh -irFarial/14 -O index.jpg /opt/images
-Make an index print of /opt/images and alldirectories below it, using 14 point
+Make an index print of /opt/images and all directories below it, using 14 point
Arial to write the image info under each thumbnail. Save the image as
index.jpg and don't display it, just exit. Note that this even works without
a running X server