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--start-at: Compare basenames if exact match failed
This more closely resembles the expected behaviour of --start-at, but may lead to mismatches if several files in the filelist have the same basename. Closes #206 Related to #372 and #420
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@@ -729,20 +729,17 @@ to sort numbers naturally, so that e.g. 10.jpg comes after 2.jpg.
Start the filelist at
.Ar filename .
-Note that at the moment,
+If you use relative paths in your filelist,
.Ar filename
-must match an
-.Pq expanded
-path in the filelist.
-So, if the file to be matched is passed via an absolute path in the filelist,
-.Ar filename
-must be an absolute path.
-If the file is passed via a relative path,
-.Ar filename
-must be an identical relative path.
-This is a known issue.
-See also
+should also be a relative path.
+If you use absolute paths, it should also be an absolute path.
+cannot find an exact match, it will compare basenames
+.Pq filenames without the directory suffix .
+Note that this may lead to mismatches if several files in your filelist
+have the same basename.
.It Cm -T , --theme Ar theme