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Change default toggle_fullscreen key to "f"
This is in line with other software. save_filelist now defaults to "L".
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diff --git a/man/feh.pre b/man/feh.pre
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--- a/man/feh.pre
+++ b/man/feh.pre
@@ -1436,10 +1436,9 @@ Toggle filename display
.Pq optional feature, $MAN_EXIF$ in this build
Toggle EXIF tag display
-.It f Bq save_filelist
+.It f Bq toggle_fullscreen
-Save the current filelist as
-.Qq feh_PID_ID_filelist
+Toggle fullscreen
.It g Bq toggle_fixed_geometry
@@ -1463,6 +1462,11 @@ When enabled,
will keep zoom and X, Y offset when switching images.
+.It L Bq save_filelist
+Save the current filelist as
+.Qq feh_PID_ID_filelist
.It m Bq toggle_menu
Show menu.
@@ -1499,10 +1503,6 @@ Useful for webcams
Save the current image as
-.It v Bq toggle_fullscreen
-Toggle fullscreen
.It w Bq size_to_image
Change window size to fit current image size