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feh(1): Distinguish between enabled/disabled features more clearly
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@@ -24,10 +24,28 @@ $VERSION$
-Compile-time switches: libcurl support $MAN_CURL$, natural sorting support
-$MAN_VERSCMP$, Xinerama support
-$MAN_XINERAMA$, builtin EXIF support $MAN_EXIF$, inotify-based auto-reload
+Compile-time switches in this build:
+.Bl -bullet -compact
+remote file support: libcurl $MAN_CURL$
+natural sorting option $MAN_VERSCMP$
+Xinerama multi-monitor support $MAN_XINERAMA$
+builtin EXIF reader $MAN_EXIF$
+inotify-based auto-reload of changed files $MAN_INOTIFY$
@@ -213,9 +231,9 @@ Extra actions which can be set and triggered using the appropriate number key.
.Pq optional feature, $MAN_INOTIFY$ in this build
automatically reload image when the underlying file changes.
-Note that this feature
-.Pq if present in the build
-is enabled by default.
+Note that auto-reload
+.Pq if enabled in the build
+is on by default.
This option is only useful to re-enable auto-reload after it has been
disabled by a preceding
.Cm --reload=0