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Use custom temporary directory for ImageMagick calls and clean it up afterwards
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@@ -489,11 +489,6 @@ of zero causes
to try indefinitely.
By default, magick support is disabled.
-Note that feh may clutter
-.Pa /tmp
-with temporary files created by ImageMagick for each failed conversion attempt.
-This is a known bug.
.It Cm --max-dimension Ar width No x Ar height
Only show images with width <=
@@ -1916,16 +1911,6 @@ as it could be.
does not take window decorations into account and may therefore make the
window slightly too large.
-When enabled,
-.Cm --magick-timeout
-may clutter
-.Pa /tmp
-with temporary files produced by ImageMagick.
-This happens whenever an image is not loaded due to the conversion taking
-longer than the specified timeout.
If you find a bug, please report it to