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Update magick/dcraw/timeout documentation in feh(1)
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@@ -142,8 +142,12 @@ If the convert binary
.Pq supplied by ImageMagick
is available, it also has limited support for many other filetypes, such as
svg, xcf and otf.
+If dcraw is available,
+also supports RAW files provided by cameras and will display the embedded
-.Cm --magick-timeout Ar num
+.Cm --conversion-timeout Ar num
with a non-negative value to enable it.
@@ -483,16 +487,15 @@ Don't display images.
Just print out their names if imlib2 can successfully load them.
Returns false if at least one image failed to load.
-.It Cm --magick-timeout Ar timeout
+.It Cm --conversion-timeout Ar timeout
Stop trying to convert unloadable files after
.Ar timeout
-A negative value disables covert / magick support altogether, a value
-of zero causes
+Negative values disable conversion altogether, zero causes
to try indefinitely.
-By default, magick support is disabled.
+By default, conversion is disabled.
.It Cm --max-dimension Ar width No x Ar height
@@ -1902,7 +1905,7 @@ see
for details.
Workaround: Use
-.Cm --magick-timeout 5
+.Cm --conversion-timeout 5
.Pq or some other positive value
to load gifs with imagemagick instead, or downgrade to giflib 5.1.1, or
upgrade to giflib 5.1.4.