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@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ OPTIONS
-d, --draw-filename Show the filename in the image window
--draw-tinted Show overlay texts on semi-transparent background
--draw-exif Show some Exif information (if compiled with exif=1)
+ --edit Make flip/rotation keys flip/rotate the underlying file
--auto-rotate Rotate images according to Exif info (if compiled with exif=1)
-^, --title TITLE Set window title (see FORMAT SPECIFIERS)
-D, --slideshow-delay NUM Set delay between automatically changing slides
@@ -87,6 +88,7 @@ OPTIONS
-M, --menu-font FONT Use FONT for the font in menus.
-B, --image-bg STYLE Set background for transparent images and the like.
Accepted values: default, checks, or a XColor (eg. #428bdd)
+ --xinerama-index I Assumee that I is the active xinerama screen
-N, --no-menus Don't load or show any menus.
--no-xinerama Disable Xinerama support
--no-screen-clip Do not limit window size to screen size
@@ -123,13 +125,14 @@ INDEX MODE OPTIONS
%f image path/filename
%F image path/filename (shell-escaped)
+ %g window dimensions (\"width,height\") in pixels
%h image height
%l total number of files in the filelist
%L path to temporary copy of filelist
%m current mode (slideshow, multiwindow...)
%n image name
%N image name (shell-escaped)
- %o x,y offset of top-left image corner to window in pixels
+ %o offset of top-left image corner to window (\"x,y\") in pixels
%p image pixel size
%P image pixel size in kilo-/megapixels
%r image rotation. half right turn == 3.1415 (pi)
@@ -140,34 +143,39 @@ FORMAT SPECIFIERS
%w image width
%v " PACKAGE " version
%V process ID
- %z current image zoom
+ %z current image zoom, rounded to two decimal places
+ %Z current image zoom, high precision
%% %
\\n newline
a Toggle action display (--draw-actions)
A Toggle anti-aliasing
c Enable caption entry mode
d Toggle filename display (--draw-filename)
e Toggle exif tag display (if compiled with exif=1)
- f Save current filelist to unique filename
+ f Toggle fullscreen
+ g Toggle fixed geometry mode
h pause/continue slideshow
i Toggle --info display
k Toggle zoom/viewport freeze when switching images
- m Show menu
+ L Save current filelist to unique filename
+ m Show/hide menu
n, <SPACE>, <RIGHT> Go to next image
o Toggle pointer visibility
p, <BACKSPACE>, <LEFT> Go to previous image
q, <ESCAPE> Quit
r Reload image
+ R Render/anti-alias image
s Save current image to unique filename
- v Toggle fullscreen
w Resize window to current image dimensions
x Close current window
z Jump to a random position in the current filelist
- <, > In place editing, rotate 90 degrees right/left
- _ In place editing, vertical flip
- | In place editing, horizontal flip
+ Z Toggle auto-zoom
+ [, ] Jump to previous/next directory
+ <, > Rotate 90 degrees right/left
+ _ Vertical flip
+ | Horizontal flip
0, <ENTER> Run action specified by --action option
1-9 Run action 1-9 specified by --action[1-9] options
<HOME> Go to first slide
@@ -191,7 +199,7 @@ KEYS
This program is free software, see the file COPYING for licensing info.
Copyright Tom Gilbert (and various contributors) 1999-2003.
-Copyright Daniel Friesel (and various contributors) 2010-2016.
+Copyright Daniel Friesel (and various contributors) 2010-2018.
Report bugs to <> or #feh on