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@@ -401,12 +401,10 @@ toggle_info key.
When viewing files using HTTP,
normally deletes the local copies after viewing, or, if caching, on exit.
-This option prevents this so that you get to keep the local copies.
-They will be in
-.Pa /tmp
-.Qq Nm
-in the name.
+This option permanently stores them on disk, either in the directory
+specified by
+.Cm --output-dir ,
+or in the current working directory.
.It Cm --insecure
@@ -501,7 +499,8 @@ compiled in.
Save files to
.Ar directory
-.Pq only useful with -k
+.Pq only useful with -k .
+By default, files are saved in the current working directory.
.It Cm -p , --preload