AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2017-08-21Release v2. Friesel-1/+8
2017-08-19Make feh abort immediately if an index image could not be created (#306)Daniel Friesel-4/+7
2017-08-19Save --geometry flags in .fehbg if specified (closes #313)Daniel Friesel-2/+16
2017-08-12Release v2. Friesel-1/+7
2017-08-10Fix segfault in feh_event_handle_keypress for certain key inputsDaniel Friesel-2/+11
2017-08-05Show ImageMagick output on the terminal unless --quiet is specifiedDaniel Friesel-3/+5
2017-07-25Release v2. Friesel-1/+2
2017-06-21changelogDaniel Friesel-0/+6
2017-06-20Make key names in KEYS section more consistent with X11 keysyms (#304)Daniel Friesel-9/+17
2017-06-19Fix Shift modifier not being recognized for tab, space and similar keysDaniel Friesel-2/+2
2017-06-18Use X11-style key names in the feh(1) KEYS sectionDaniel Friesel-4/+4
2017-06-06release v2.192.19Daniel Friesel-0/+10
2017-06-06install feh icons with the correct permissions (644) (closes #301)Daniel Friesel-0/+2
2017-06-01feh(1): files are saved in the current working directory (closes #300)Daniel Friesel-7/+6
2017-04-16feh(1): Note that --fullscreen and --scale-down do not affect thumbnail listsDaniel Friesel-1/+8
2017-04-16Merge branch 'Ferada-xdg-thumbnails'Daniel Friesel-31/+76
2017-04-16Thumbnail generation: Handle HOME-less users (and some other edge cases)Daniel Friesel-2/+12
2017-04-06Fix indentation.Olof-Joachim Frahm-6/+6
2017-04-05Use temporary file to create thumbnail.Olof-Joachim Frahm-6/+18
2017-04-05`sizeof(char)` is defined to be 1.Olof-Joachim Frahm-1/+1
2017-04-05Use XDG_CACHE_HOME for thumbnails.Olof-Joachim Frahm-22/+45
2017-04-04version bump2.18.3Daniel Friesel-1/+2
2017-04-03changelogDaniel Friesel-0/+7
2017-04-02replace _emalloc with emalloc (is the same unless DMALLOC is used)Daniel Friesel-2/+2
2017-04-02Merge pull request #290 from stoeckmann/emallocDaniel Friesel-1/+1
2017-04-02Merge pull request #289 from stoeckmann/memory-leakDaniel Friesel-0/+2
2017-04-02Merge pull request #288 from stoeckmann/strncpyDaniel Friesel-6/+12
2017-04-02Merge pull request #287 from stoeckmann/empty-fileDaniel Friesel-2/+2
2017-04-02Check malloc return value for NULL.Tobias Stoeckmann-1/+1
2017-04-02Fixed memory leak on file name collision.Tobias Stoeckmann-0/+2
2017-04-02Avoid out of boundary read on empty/broken file.Tobias Stoeckmann-2/+2
2017-04-02Always terminate strncpy results with '\0'.Tobias Stoeckmann-6/+12
2017-04-01changelogDaniel Friesel-0/+9
2017-03-29Merge pull request #286 from stoeckmann/ipcDaniel Friesel-1/+1
2017-03-23Fix double-free/OOB-write while receiving IPC dataTobias Stoeckmann-1/+1
2017-02-26Also update window title for thumbnail windows (closes #280)Daniel Friesel-3/+22
2017-02-23Fix memory leak when closing images opened from thumbnail modeDaniel Friesel-0/+3
2017-02-16I made a derp2.18.2Daniel Friesel-1/+7
2017-01-22release v2. Friesel-2/+3
2017-01-15feh(1): Update giflib notesDaniel Friesel-4/+5
2017-01-14ChangelogDaniel Friesel-0/+5
2017-01-12Pass windidget to feh_action_run, making it possible to use format specifiersANogin-10/+10
2017-01-11rewrite window title whenever the image is rendered (closes #266)Daniel Friesel-0/+8
2017-01-02feh(1): Move --index-info to INDEX AND THUMBNAIL MODE OPTIONS (closes #267)Daniel Friesel-26/+28
2016-12-07feh(1): Add note about background setting in GNOME (#225)Daniel Friesel-0/+11
2016-12-07feh.desktop: Use %U, not %F, since we also support URLs (closes #264)Daniel Friesel-1/+1
2016-11-01Release v2.182.18Daniel Friesel-3/+4
2016-10-31feh(1): Add --auto-rotateDaniel Friesel-0/+5
2016-10-30changelogDaniel Friesel-0/+8
2016-10-30Merge branch 'teleshoes-autorotate'Daniel Friesel-12/+21